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Why we need you!

Oudtshoorn has an urgent need for volunteers to assist in the upliftment of the local poorer community. There are hundreds of uncared for children wandering the streets, their only other prospects being either an empty house or a "home" where violence and drunken abuse tend to be the norm.

Little children have to bear the weight of responsibilities that were never supposed to be theirs. They are left to fend for themselves and more often than not are forced to care for younger siblings, despite the fact that they are barely old enough to take care of themselves.

Our aim with this volunteering project is quite simply, to give these children the opportunity to be just that...Children. To provide them with a safe little oasis of their own, where they can learn and play, where they are loved, cared for, have a ear that listens and a hand that assists when theirs cannot reach.

But in order for us to help these children we need your help...because without any ears to listen, the plea of these children will not be heard.

Why volunteer in Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn is a small Karoo town nestled between the Outeniqua- and Swartberg Mountains. Not only rich in culture and history, this little town is also known for its exceptional weather and boasts over 330 days of glorious sunshine. It is therefore ideal for outdoor activities.

Although Oudtshoorn is known as the ostrich capital of the world, this is only one of the unique and exciting attractions that will keep you entertained during your stay. Activities range from the world-famous Cango Caves, cycling down the Swartberg Mountain Pass (also recognised as a world heritage site) to walking with wild meerkats.

Whether it is adventure you are after, fine wines and cuisine or simply lazing under the sunny Karoo sky, you'll find Oudtshoorn to be the perfect destination.

Where will you be volunteering

St. Luigi Scrosoppi Care Centre/Sorgsentrum which is situated in Bridgton Township.
For more information on the centre visit their website at www.scrosoppi.org or find them on facebook.

Information provided by St. Luigi Scrosoppi Care Centre

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